*Lathe turned for a smooth clean finish!*   image

Moonclips and a conversion produce a clean and useful alteration making your revolver easier and quicker to reload for competition, defense, hunting & recreation.

***929 Cylinder reliability package….$95.00***

        Includes Chamfering the charge holes and return shipping!!

**All I need is the Complete Cylinder Assembly as is when removed from the Revolver.

**You can add your cylinder work to the cart and print out a copy of the work order to send along with the cylinder or gun and print a copy for your own records.

Smith & Wesson

Click on a service for a description and to add to cart.
J-Frame   .38/.357 $85.00
K-Frame    .38/.357/.32                     $85.00
L-Frame    .38/.357 6 or 7 shot $85.00
N-Frame     .38/.357/.41/.44/.45 $85.00
X-Frame     All  $85.00
S&W Recessed hole cylinders.      $110.00

(.45 LC cylinders can be cut to shoot both ACP and LC)


SP101                .38/.357/.327 $90.00
LCR                  .38/.357/.327                   $90.00
GP-100               .38/.357 $90.00
GP-100              .327 – 7 shot                     $90.00
Security Six              .38/.357                       $90.00
Speed Six                .38/.357                       $90.00
RedHawk                .44/.45/.454 $90.00
Super RedHawk          .44/.45/.454           $90.00

Colt Double actions

Colt .38/.357         6 shot cylinder $90.00
Colt .44                 6 shot cylinder          $90.00
Colt .45                 6 shot cylinder          $90.00


Taurus .38/.357   5 shot cylinder  $90.00
Taurus .38/.357   6 shot cylinder              $90.00
Taurus .38/.357   7 shot cylinder              $90.00
Taurus .38/.357   8 shot cylinder              $90.00
Taurus .45 ACP   cylinder                          $90.00
Taurus .44 Mag     cylinder                        $90.00
Taurus .454           Cylinder                        $90.00
Taurus .45 ACP Judge cylinder                  $90.00

Dan Wesson & Schofield

 Dan Wesson   .38/357       6 shot cylinder   $90.00
 Dan Wesson  .38/.357       6 shot Recessed       $110.00
 Schofield  SR-.38 FMC
 Schofield  SR-.45 FMC

With a standard moonclip conversion you will still be able to shoot without using the moonclips.

On competition guns where there is a larger and deeper chamfer there is always the possibility of a light hit due to the case, head spacing off of the area that has been chamfered. I highly recommend using the moonclips during competition shooting.

* Other conversions may be available, contact me for availability.

* Most conversions can be made by simply shipping the cylinder!

Return priority shipping for a cylinder is $8.00 and $1.00 for each additional
cylinder. See our shipping page.

**9mm Caliber Conversions

*My 9mm conversions are done using custom made specially ground reamers specifically made for re-chambering revolver cylinders, I do not use “semi-auto” chamber reamers.

After years of doing these conversions I have worked out and developed a cutting tool using the optimum taper and length for 9mm ammo to work perfectly in a revolver cylinder for ease of extraction and seamless transition into the cylinder sizing area.

* MULTI-caliber conversions*

*Titanium/alloy cylindersimage cannot be Multi-caliber converted* (coming soon!)

*S&W .357 N or L frame cylinders Rechamber to 9×23 and shoot 9mm, .38 super, & 9×23! N and L frames only for S&W’s and Ruger GP-100.

Smith & Wesson

 J-Frame         5 shot 9mm  $225.00
 K-Frame        6 shot 9mm  $250.00
 L-Frame        6 shot 9mm  $250.00
 L-Frame        7 shot 9mm  $265.00
 N-Frame       6 shot 9mm  $250.00
 N-Frame       8 shot 9mm  $275.00

*In most cases with S&W Revolvers, a new cylinder can be fit to the frame in order to take advantage of all calibers!*


 LCR         5 shot 9mm  $230.00
 SP101       5 shot 9mm  $230.00
 GP-100     6 shot 9mm  $255.00
 Security Six           9mm  $255.00
 Speed Six             9mm  $255.00


 T-5 Shot       9mm conversion  $230.00
 T-6 Shot       9mm conversion  $255.00
 T-7 Shot       9mm conversion  $270.00
 T-8 Shot       9mm conversion  $285.00


 SR-9mm       9mm conversion  $255.00

**In regard to the caliber conversions, I do not recommend shooting .38/.357 case’s in the cylinder once this conversion is done. The cases will fire form to the 9mm case dimensions and they will most likely stick in the cylinder.

They will shoot, but they will probably stick.