General Tuning Services

Adding services to your cart will create a work order for the work that you require. When you check out, a copy of the working order is sent to me, please include a copy of your work order, or your work order number when sending your gun. If there is no price for the service you would like or the service is not listed, please contact me to discuss your options.  Truly Custom work is based on the amount of work required and priced according to each unique job. I am currently accepting Checks, Money orders or Cash as payment.


It is perfectly legal for you to send your revolver directly to me as long as the gun is registered in your name or following the legal guidelines for your state. No need to ship through a intermediate or middle man. Please include your home address if the return shipping address is different.



*Click on a service for a description and to add to cart.**These are just basic services, please contact me to discuss true custom work and pricing.*Please be sure to check and confirm return shipping costs on the shipping and insurance page.*Then you can Print out a copy of the work order copy for your records.  
S&W Action Job … 7.5lbs +S&W Action Job …..under 7lbs to 5.5lbs………..$110.00-$130.00 (Requires Bobbed Hammer and possible additional lightening) Using factory Hammer.  $85.00
Action Job for Ruger, Taurus or Colt  $90.00
Bob & Polish Hammer  $40.00
Narrow, Rnd, & Polish Trigger  Narrow extra wide trigger remove serrations and round…$45  $35.00
Overtravel Stud  $40.00
Crane Ball Lock  $40.00
Internal crane lock, locks cylinder open  $40.00
High O.S Cyl. Release     OUT OF STOCK  
Straighten Crane  $35.00
Straighten ejector rod  $35.00
Remove endshake  $30.00
Stipple backstrap  $125.00
Bevel front edge of cylinder  $35.00
Chamfer & Polish Cylinders, per hole  $7.00
Convert Square butt to Round butt  $115.00
Ribs, Lugs, Sights & Timing P.O.R.
Custom Barrel Machining  
Tornado Cone Porting on center, per port  $25.00
Tornado Cone Porting on center, (5) ports  $100.00
V-6 Porting  $160.00
V-8 Porting  $200.00
V-10 Porting  $230.00
Cross Porting  $60.00
Cross Porting (2)  $100.00
Crown Barrel, Machined target grade   $55.00
Match Grade Bull Barrels                         (Based on Length, contour, porting, etc)
Turn Back Barrel / Set Cylinder Gap  $90.00
Re-cut forcing cone (standard cut)  $25.00
Longer taper, slightly oversize  $50.00
Install interchangeable front sight system(Includes sight block, but not blade)  $85.00
Custom fixed blade sight blocks              (based on exactly what is required)
Shorten barrel, re-contour, crown, and install Interchangeable front sight system      (Includes sight block, but not blade)  $200.00
Drill & Tap older model S&W for 3 hole mount  $40.00

 Please make sure to add return shipping to your work order by going to the shipping page and adding shipping costs to your state and insurance to the cart. 


*** You can add items to the cart and print out a copy of the work order for your own records.




**Custom scope mounts made Priced based on design.

**Custom Front Sights Made to Order……